Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Ardor Math?
A: Think of it as a worksheet replacement. It's an auto-differentiated math practice system with automatic teacher grade book. 

Q: What grades levels does Ardor Math support? 
A: Grade 7, Grade 8, and Algebra. Other grades levels coming soon.

Q: What devices are supported? 
A: iPads, iPhones (iOS), Android tablets and phones, and Chromebooks.

Q: Is Ardor Math really free? 
A: Yes. We are giving teachers a free classroom. 

Q: Is this just a free trial period?
A: No Ardor math is free. This is not a trial.

Q: Do I need to give you a credit card to sign up?
A: No credit card is needed. 

Q: How does Ardor Math make money giving away a free classroom? 
A: We don't make money on Ardor Free accounts. However, we may try to pay our costs with advertising in the future. 

Q: Why are you giving away a free classroom?
A: We want teachers to try us out. We believe that once teachers use us in one of their classrooms they will be willing to pay a small fee for Ardor Math Unlimited to have Ardor Math in all their classrooms.

Q: What is the difference between Ardor Free and Ardor Unlimited?
A: We are giving teachers one free classroom with a max of 41 students. With Ardor Unlimited a teacher may create as many classrooms as they like with as many students as they like. 

Q: How much does Ardor Unlimited cost? 
A: Ardor Unlimited is $14.99 / month or $129.99 / year. 

Q: Is the Unlimited price per classroom?
A: No. Ardor Unlimited is a flat $14.99 / month per teacher. That teacher can have as many classrooms as they need.

Q: Why is Ardor Unlimited so cheap?
A: Matt our founder was a math teacher for 17 years. He understands that teachers do not have much money to spend in their classrooms. So we wanted to make Ardor Math cheaper than printing worksheets.
Here is the proof.