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Grade 8 and Algebra 1 Available Now.

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Step 1
Setup your Dashboard

Create courses from the dashboard; courses contain enrollment codes you will share with your students.

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Step 2
Get the Ardor Math App

Download Ardor Math for iOS and Android. Students will create accounts and enter the enrollment code you gave them.

Eliminate learning lag with real time monitoring, correction and support

Normally student work is reviewed and corrected days after completion while new math instruction marches on. Often this results in incomplete or incorrect student understanding. Ardor provides real time corrective feedback and support alleviating student frustration and reinforcing good habits. Real time monitoring helps teachers target individual needs fast so students stay on track.

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Unlimited Differentiated Practice

Unique, tailored, adaptive, progressive practice. Unique problem sets and support generated based on students progress and needs every time in real time. Adjusts to students’ knowledge, skills, from remedial to “bored” advanced students. Students can practice anytime on their own mobile device. Endless individual practice sets.

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Focus on teaching not busywork

No copies. No paper. No grading. Real time individual results highlight areas for teacher help. Saves your time and allows you to focus on student specific needs. Speed up or slow down class progress to match their understanding and mastery.

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